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Sweeping the Ruins is a co-op action-adventure boss runner where players explore dangerous ruins and use traps in order to wound and kill a rampaging monster threatening their village.

Lead Designer

STR Anchor


As the lead designer, I oversee the design and development of gameplay for Sweeping the Ruins from conception to its intended release in April 2021. I work closely with the other members of my team to ensure that each design decision supports our main pillars of gameplay: collaboration, ingenuity, and triumph. 

My Responsibilities Include:

  • Leading a small team to design an untraditional trap-based combat system from scratch

  • Communicating with other sub-teams

  • Ensuring design supports the vision of our director

  • Establishing clear design goals

  • Creating mechanics and level layouts

  • Maintaining documentation

Game Details:

Prototypes made in Unity 3D​

Game developed in Unreal Engine 5

Programming Languages: C#, Blueprints, C++

Platform: PC

Genre: Action-Adventure

Dev Timeline: April 2020 - May 2021

Team Size: 23

Design Team Size: 3

Made in collaboration with USC Games


Firebomb Trap

I designed the firebomb trap to take advantage of several different objects from the level: the bomb and the oil barrel. On its own, the bomb is a combustible object that is too weak to significantly harm the monster. To make the most of this item, players must first douse the monster with oil found in the various oil barrels placed around the area and then ignite the monster with the bomb which engulfs the beast in flames. 

Monster Behaviour

The monster was designed to be a large hostile creature that will detect and chase players that enter its field of view. The monster can also shift its attention to loud noises and objects of interest in the environment such as a thrown object or an explosion. In addition to damage, traps can be used to inflict debuffs such as stun, rage, burn, blind, and bleed. 

Level Layout

I designed the main area for the boss fight after a colosseum with multiple levels that feature vertical movement between floors. The monster will start at the bottom center and will not begin attacking until it’s provoked. As the monster switches phases, the layout of the environment changes to allow/prevent access to certain areas. The varying states of the environment are also designed to complement the movesets of the monster for that specific phase.

Gameplay Video

Game Trailer

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