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Toys For Bob

Level Design Intern

SOS Anchor


During my time at Toys For Bob, I worked as a level design intern on an unannounced multiplayer game made in Unreal. Over the course of twelve weeks, I was able to contribute to several systems of design. (more info coming soon!)

My Responsibilities Included:

  • Creating meaningful environmental additions to level layouts

  • Collaborating with members of other disciplines

  • Populating levels with interactable props

  • Working with navmesh systems

  • Storyboarding and implementing basic cinematics

  • Ensuring functionality on both server and client

  • Validating and submitting changes to Perforce

  • Managing tasks on JIRA



Design encompasses a diverse array of skills needed to successfully implement an idea. I had the opportunity to a multitude of systems which helped me figure out what aspects of design I enjoy most.

I now know that I am much more capable of learning new things than I had initially believed. I had to learn many new systems over the course of my internship and although they were intimidating, I was able to find my rythem. 


I don't think I was aware of just how meticulous the design process was. When developing a game to AAA standards, everything from object metrics to code optimisation needs to be very precise. 

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