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Super Opera Squad is a team-based multiplayer game in which players must work together to juggle an understaffed opera as it’s falling apart.


SOS Anchor


As a designer, I worked on the level layout for Super Opera Squad. Additionally, I was responsible for gameplay and narrative progression. I worked with the game's director to ensure that the level design was in line with his vision and on track to meet deadlines. 

My Responsibilities Include:

  • Planning out key gameplay points for the level

  • Populating the level with interactable props

  • Ensuring design supports the vision of our director

  • Maintaining documentation

Game Details:

Game developed in Unity 3D​

Programming Languages: C#

Platform: PC

Genre: Simulation

Dev Timeline: May 2019 - May 2020

Team Size: 7

Made in collaboration with USC Games


Level Progression

As a designer, I was responsible for writing the plot progression for the level my team and I created. Since the game is centered around putting on a performance, I lead design efforts to create an engaging plot for the players to experience as they interact with the level. It was designed with the opera theme in mind so it feels very theatrical. The story follows four fishermen who set out to sea but are attacked by a sea monster.

Preformance System

The player's objective is to successfully put on a performance by completing actions that raise the audience's approval rating. As various elements of the stage start to fall apart, players must rush to the appropriate areas and fix what needs to be put back together. Additionally, they must sing and dance under stage lights to boost their scores.

Gameplay Video

Prop Placement

Another important mechanic I helped design was the prop placement mechanic. In a performance, players must set up scenes by pushing and pulling objects to their correct location. The intention of the prop placement mechanic was to give players a way to participate in a performance outside of just singing and dancing. Additionally, moving the props around the scene gave players a way to understand what was happening narratively in the level without having to narrarate each action. 

Game Trailer

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