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Charon is a third person action rower where you play as Charon, ferryman of the Underworld, who risks a treacherous journey to help his old friend reach her lost lover in the afterlife.

Game Director

PW Anchor


For the 21-22 school year, I was selected as 1 of 8 game directors to build a team and lead development for the student lead Advanced Game Project (AGP) course at USC. As the game director, I am responsible for the creative decisions that define the vision and quality of all aspects of design and development for the game. In the AGP context, I am the originator of the concept and am responsible for creating a healthy, respectful, and effective team culture and process that can meet the goals of the project and bring it to completion within the scope of the school year. I work closely with my lead producer to develop and track team tasks and milestones, coordinate duties across departments, and adjust the game scope as needed.

My Responsibilities Include:​

  • Enlisting a well-balanced team of predominantly students enrolled in AGP.

  • Managing team morale and community.

  • Presenting a team with my vision and goals and providing them with autonomy to strengthen those goals.

  • Directing the team’s progress on achieving the creative vision on a weekly basis to the team in response to feedback, observations, and progress on the experience goals. 

  • Presenting the project often to my team to highlight progress, team involvement, and to reiterate the vision.

  • Presenting progress to faculty regularly during faculty review and large milestones

  • Communicating roadblocks, pivots, questions, and updates on progress to faculty as appropriate. 

  • Attending the AGP class section every week along with having a consciousness of the informal AGP work day on Sunday. 

Game Details:

Made in Unity 3D​

Programming Languages: C#

Platform: PC

Version Control: P4V

Task Management Software: JIRA

Genre: Action-Adventure

Dev Timeline: March 2021 - May 2022

Team Size: 26

Made in collaboration with USC Games, The Otis School for Design, and The Art Center



Players must defend themselves and their passenger, Alexis, from an onslaught of vengeful spirits who were denied passage to the afterlife. Players will utilize Charon’s oar to knock back and defeat enemies.

Additionally, some spirits will latch on to the boat and slow it down. Players can send Alexis to attack these enemies.


To get to the afterlife, players must navigate through the perilous rapids of the river Styx. Players will steer the boat as it’s propelled forward by the rapids and avoid dangerous hazards in the river.


Over the course of the journey, players will experience Charon’s protective connection to his passenger, Alexis. The player should feel a sense of trust and camaraderie between the two characters. Throughout the journey they will talk to each other and make comments on the scenes.

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