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Pastel Witch

Pastel Witch is a single-player resource management game where players take on the role of a young witch who runs a small potion shop.


PW Anchor


As the co-creator, I worked closely with my partner to conceptualize and develop Pastel Witch. In addition to creating the game, we were tasked with providing deliverables such as playable builds, a macro sheet, a burndown chart, a game design document, and a game trailer. My partner and I also had the pleasure of working with a composer from the Berkely College of Music who created an original score to accompany each unique area in our level. The game was developed over the course of a semester at USC and then completed remotely during the latter half of development due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

My Responsibilities Include:

  • Creating and maintaining an artistic vision

  • Running playtest and analyzing surveys

  • Designing an engaging potion brewing system

  • Programming various elements of gameplay

  • Maintaining documentation

  • Collaborating remotely with team members

Game Details:

Made in Unity 3D​

Programming Languages: C#

Platform: PC

Genre: Witch-Sim

Dev Timeline: January 2020 - May 2020

Team Size: 3

Made in collaboration with USC Games and the Berkely College of Music


Potion Crafting

Players collect ingredients from their gardens to use for potions. Ingredients were designed to allow the player to improve their potion-making skills. The intention of this mechanic is to get players to feel proud of gradually improving their knowledge of cultivating ingredients and plants of higher quality.

Customer System

Occasionally, players will receive updates on their customers from the mailbox. Narratively, the mechanic presents the player with information regarding the quality of their potions. Additionally, it will update the player on the thoughts and feelings of their past customers. The intention is to give players an emotional reaction to the updates they receive from the customers after their request are completed.

Domestic Exploration

There are several areas players can explore in the game: bedroom, crafting area, merchant table, front yard, and back yard. Each area is meant to feel cozy and lived-in. The areas also have individual scores that elevate the feeling for each location. 

Gameplay Video​

Game Trailer

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